Treatment of plague

Patients plague immediately isolated and hospitalized.
In hospital for victims of the plague staff (pre-coated) works in anti-plague costume (Fig. 7), strictly observing anti-epidemic regime. Current disinfection should be performed regularly (in particular, every time you exit the chamber of patients with pneumonic plague), usually by solutions of mercuric chloride and Lysol from hidraulicos. Medical personnel are instructed and each person is assigned on a strictly determined places of work in the hospital, quarantine, laboratories, etc. Mode personnel outside of the hours of work is strictly regulated. Anti-plague Clothing consists of coveralls with hood, long coat, leather or rubber boots, cotton-gauze masks-headbands, scarves, points-of canned and dense proven integrity of rubber gloves. The wings of the nose behind the mask lay cotton swabs to breathe was possible only through the mask. The mask - filter.
Most rationally early administration of streptomycin. Apparently, suitable and other means (group neomycin and others). Antibiotic therapy should be combined with other treatments, based on the individual features of the patient with regard to the form and the clinical course of the disease. Streptobacillary brings cure for bubonic and pneumonic form of plague leads to the disappearance of sticks from sputum.
Streptomycin appointed in the first 4 days to 6-8 g, and then on 1-2 g per day. Other authors recommended for pulmonary form to 3 g per day. Treatment should lead to full recovery, and on the 6-th day to reduce the dose. Penicillin if the plague be not effective. Other antibiotics effective chlormycetin and terramycin.
The combination of antibiotics with specific serotherapy recommend Meyer (K. F. Meyer), G. P. Rudnev, etc. For such treatment using anti-plague antitoxic serum. Adult recommended dose serum intravenous average 50-100 ml, and in subcutaneous not more than 300 ml per injection. Children entering 2/3 or 1 / 2 adult dose. The serum is administered by Besedka, and possibly earlier repeatedly; it before it applies serotherapy, the more hope of success. Repeated dose serum should be administered 1-2 times every day to a favourable fracture disease and, in particular, before the fall of temperature. Avoid serum sickness (see) it is better to apply the specific gamma globulin.
The therapeutic use of the plague of bacteriophage (from 2 to 10 ml pro dosi intramuscularly and vnutripuzarno) gives positive results even in severe forms of bubonic plague, cause secondary plague pneumonia. In primary lung, and primary septicaemic plague one phage therapy is not effective.
Symptomatic therapy is when plague additional value. When resistant fluctuations buboes or the development of necrotic processes shows incizia. The materials left after surgery, dressings and so on, burn.
Recovering from the bubonic form of plague discharged from hospital not earlier than one month after clinical recovery (normal temperature, full healing of skin ulcers). A necessary condition statement is twofold (through; 5-6 days) puncture buboes with a negative result in a laboratory study punctate. When pulmonary form of plague - primary and secondary pneumonia - recovering discharged after the disappearance of all clinical manifestations, in the presence of normal temperature for 6 weeks, after the triple negative study material from the pharynx, tonsils, and sputum is produced every 2 weeks. After discharge for reconvalescents been placed under medical observation for 3 months. We write from the hospital undergo sanitization and rubbing warm sublimate solution.

Fig. 7. Doctor in anti-plague suits.