The feeling we need to cherish!

If you understand, dear parents that your children appeared and established a good clean feeling, help them to preserve, to protect him from all troubles. Young is not always know how to appreciate a good sense.
"Oleg, " he said, turning to his friend sitting on the edge of the high cliff, pretty girl.- Oleg, could you, for me to jump off that cliff?". Oleg, having heard a joke, looked down and, shivering, said, "what are you, Tanya! Don't want you to see me with a broken neck..! Although I, of course...". The young man put his hand on his heart, as if to confirm that he is ready for his girlfriend and even on this sacrifice... He's trying to make a joke of it. Next, on the lawn, sitting comrades. They slyly looking for love and waiting for the inevitable denouement sudden conflict. They are very well known, and what is the exceeding faithfully loves Oleg, how difficult is it to cope sometimes with quarrelsome capricious Thani. It seems that he will not do for her!
Face Thani was stern: "Ah, so! So do you think? And heard you ever, like fire and water rush for... by the way, folk wisdom!.. Oh, you!".
What kind of wisdom! Rather rampant stupidity spoiled callous person, whose love and who like to take this sense, ready to make fun, to belittle the subdued soul. So stupid and broke up the friendship Tatiana and Oleg.
These facts indicate a light attitude to the feelings of surface asserting their superiority, to achieve slave worship. But perhaps in this case?
To love each other means to protect it, in the highest sense of regret, to take care of it, not to put in ridiculous, ridiculous, like described. It is this concern, this delicacy and help maintain good good feelings. Such a feeling is not enough to win, it needs to learn to keep for a long time. Funny to hear boasts of its "success" other young girl: "I know that Grisha jealous, and purposely try to give him the opportunity to porevnovat me: it is better to appreciate to be, because he sees how many fans around me!".
But what the other is saying: "I never go on a date in time. That is, I will come at the appointed hour, but not suitable to Fame immediately. Stand somewhere over the area and see how it goes, nervous, now and then looking at the clock Laugh... terribly... wait, wait! It happens that and go back."
In such cases, we often observe, as occurred good sense disappears and leaves no regret, no special trace in the soul... No, mark, perhaps, remains... "No I will never be friends with anyone may say Oleg, or someone else. All the girls frivolous, malicious and capricious. Those deep feelings."
Although Oleg wrong, although he is so unreasonably, with typical for youth impudence, generalizes, we can't do something to disagree with him. He obviously a man whose feelings are deep and strong. He wants to love for a long time. He loves his beloved and ready to worship her. And she easily defeated such experiences, showing that she does not need neither their subtlety nor the special sublimity. We have to live easier! she concluded his philosophy.
To protect the good, sensitive, vulnerable young men and women from disappointment, to teach them to pay attention to each other, to have any sense is a priority task of fathers and mothers. To see their children happy in the future depends on you, dear parents. And therefore, not enough to create for entering the sacred family unit lovers external wealth. More important is the psychological preparation of young men and women to the noble fellowship, for the joint family joys and sorrows, to preserve arisen they have great feelings of love.
The poet Stepan shchipachev said it well!
     Love to cherish learn,
Over the years - value twice,
Love is not a sigh on the bench
And not a walk in the moonlight.
And slush, and porosa
Because together we need to live life,
Love song with a good similar,
And the song is not easy to fold...
We sincerely wish himself, dear parents, to the feelings of your children were clean, deep and permanent. May they be Similar to that beautiful song!