How to find in the body of alien proteins?

Every day we absorb with other nutrients and heterogeneous proteins. They are digested in the stomach and intestines and go to form our body. What happens if the protein is not enter into the stomach, and under the skin or mucous membranes, or muscle, or in any other place, bypassing the digestive organs? In this case, the body begins to produce special immune substances, which will be connected, to respond to this protein. If it is poisonous, they are neutralized, neutralize, if it is harmless, they are connecting with this protein will cause it to fall out and will not let him, therefore, to spread through the body. These immune substances highly specific and react with the proteins that caused their education. If, for example, to enter the rabbit just under the skin protein chicken eggs, his body will produce substances that react only with this protein, not with protein goose eggs. If you enter goose protein produced substances will respond with a goose, but not with chicken protein. Immune substances kepleyts mainly in the blood. If you take the blood of the rabbit, which was injected under the skin of a particular protein, and wait until your blood curdle, these substances will be in the serum, which will stand out from the blood when it collapses. If you mix this serum with the protein, which introduced the rabbit, first transparent mixture soon turbid, and protein will precipitate. If you mix it with another protein, the mixture will remain transparent.
These and other immune reaction help with surprising accuracy to recognize and distinguish from each other different proteins.
These immune responses and were used for the detection of tumors foreign proteins. For several decades in different countries attempts have been made to discover it by any foreign proteins in tumors. The results of these studies were more than modest. In most cases - and this applies first of all human cancers - the results were generally negative at all researchers. Some have reported positive results with tumors of the animals, other immediately denied it. At the end of many years of work have created a strong belief that any foreign proteins in tumor no. This situation has become so common that went into all of the manual of tumors. But if the tumors are no foreign proteins, so they have no viruses, which consist of alien body protein. Viral theory was defeated in one of the most important areas.

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