Ciliary body

The ciliary body (corpus ciliare; synonym ciliary body - part of the vascular tract of the eye (tractus uvealis), which includes also the iris (iris) and the actual choroid choroid (chorioidea).
The main parts of the ciliary body are ciliary muscle and ciliary processes (Fig.). Ciliary (or accommodation) muscle, smooth, involuntary, containing fibers of different directions (meridional, radiare and circular), provides an act of accommodation of the eye (see) through running from the ciliary processes to bag lens fibers Zinn links; ciliary muscle innerviruetsya oculomotor and sympathetic nerves.
Ciliary processes (a few dozen) contain many vessels (mainly small veins), coated on the inner side two layers of epithelium, genetically constituting a continuation of undifferentiated here retina; the ciliary epithelium assign to the role of an organ producing the intraocular liquid. In the area of the ciliary body lies nerve plexus, containing, in addition to fiber, and ganglion cells.
Ciliary body, rich in blood vessels and nerves, is often a place of development of various inflammatory processes - cyclical (суclitis), mainly infectious character; more often, the process develops at the same time and in the iris - iridotsyklit (see).
A special form of the defeat of the ciliary body is the so-called triad Fuchs: iridotsyklit, precipitates, complicated cataract. Because the typical signs of inflammation of the eyes (pain, peritonealna injection) is available, this form is treated as a special type of dysfunction or degeneration of the ciliary body with chronic, slowly progressive course; medication for this form is ineffective. Cataracts successfully removed surgically. From malignant neoplastic processes in the ciliary body can develop melanoblastoma (see Melanoma), found often in significant stage of development (due to the inability ophthalmoscopy region ciliary body) and usually requires removal of the eye. From benign tumors in the ciliary body observed sometimes cysts, developing of ciliary epithelium.

ciliary body scheme
The ciliary body (scheme):
1 - the cornea;
2 - iris;
3 - the ciliary processes;
4 - vascular layer of the ciliary body;
5 - sclera;
6-8 - fiber ciliary muscle;
9 - the big arterial circle of the iris;
10 - scleral spur;
11 - schlemmov channel;
12 - trabecular apparatus.