The Barber and the life-surgeon king

Who is he, this Ambroise Pair?
The Barber, whose members surgical brotherhood of saints Cosmas and Damian of honor took in their environment. One of the few Huguenots who are religious opponents have spared the bloody massacre of St. Bartholomew on August 24, 1572.
And to do that he had to be really famous surgeon.
In the history of medicine no exact date of birth of the Couple. Call 1509 and 1510, 1516 1517 and years. He was content to craft a Barber before becoming a witness of operation famous surgeon Kahlo.
In 1532 the Couple moved to Paris and listens to the lectures in the lower medical school, where the basics of anatomy taught already familiar Silvius.
Three years spent Pair as apprentices-Barber in the chambers of the Paris hospital "God's house", before he became a Barber-surgeon in the army.
He was a novice in war surgery and had never seen treated gunshot wounds. Only heard that the wound pour in boiling oil mixed with theriaca. Seeing this procedure in practice, other surgeons Pair armed with courage and followed their example. "Experience makes a bold man", " he recalled later. The way he was treated like everyone else, until one day after a hot battle, wounded when they entered and came out did not run out of stocks of oil.
What to do? Upon reflection, the Pair decided to make a mixture of egg yolk, turpentine and residues soft rose oil - all that was at hand. He slept badly that night and at dawn hurried to the wounded. His imagination pictured a terrible picture: having lost much needed cautery, they die. However, to the surprise Pair, his patients felt quite well. More suffered those who were treated with boiling oil: the wounds of them got infected.
Maybe the bullets are not poisonous? Maybe treat them to different? The case was put before a Pair of these questions. It is unlikely that even a beginner army surgeon, was the only one who encountered this phenomenon, beyond the ordinary. But he is not dismissed from the annoying "why" until then, has not responded to it.
Neither the gunpowder, none of its constituent parts is not possess toxic properties and are not harmful to the human body, claimed the first Pair work, published in 1545. He told the surgeons about his treatment for gunshot wounds.
The treatise was written in conversational French: former Barber knew University Latin. For this reason, he had fewer followers than could be.
Arrogant attitude to the recent Barber prevented the success of another offer Pair. Unlike other he paid close attention to the experience and their contemporaries and distant predecessors. It is they, the doctors Greek and Alexandrian schools, the Pair pulled forgotten idea of bandaging of large blood vessels.
Tie up the vessel thread as this simple and reliable, it is much easier and more reliable than to squeeze, to twist, to burn him, as was made to do. And although the Pair perfected the method of dressing, its innovation not immediately recognized. Even his disciple, Pigra remained a supporter of red-hot iron.
Surprisingly unique was the era in which he lived and worked Pair. The second half of the XVI century - the time of searches and discoveries in all fields of science. Important discoveries in anatomy, chemistry, physics, astronomy. The time of the attack on the Church authorities, the old religious dogmas. And time superstition, still hindered the life of society.
The couple complained that during the siege of Metz soldiers apparently preferred to consult a surgeon Take, because he "spoke" dressing materials, linen and water, to which they attached great importance. One time gunshot wounds were cured with only water.
About this method, I can tell you about. He was the fact that the medical assistance provided is not a man, a subject which has caused the damage, for instance pool. Often it was replaced by ordinary sliver. A chip tied several times a day, it was kept in the premises with cool temperatures, hoping thus to influence the temperature of the wounded. The very same wound only washed with water and kept clean.
We can say that these actions are, in essence, no different from magic procedures the savage who, for example, during a drought climbed the highest tree and poured out the water, hoping in this way to cause rain.
But in the treatment of water there were cases of successful healing. The fact that water was taken from the deep springs and clean sources that do not contain micro-organisms, and the wound did not injure boiling oil and frequent dressing changes. All these painful procedure, was given to the sliver.
And the patient safely recovered. And the fact that water "spoke", not had any value.
A young surgeon Pair refused conspiracies in his medical practice. He did not recognize and healing properties, supposedly inherent in the horn of the unicorn, this universal medieval medicine, appreciated higher than gold. As a surgeon of the king, the Pair in 1582 spoke against this drug.
And what? Public opinion was outraged. With the approval of the Dean of the medical faculty of the Couple sent a letter, remaining, however, without a signature.
"My friend Pair was listed in it, doing the surgery, you're useful, but, speaking outside your specialty with the purpose to teach doctors and pharmacists, you can laugh only small children."
By the way, in 1655, as is clear from the documents pharmacy Department in Moscow, for a lot of money were acquired three igrovyh horns (horns of the unicorn), rendering the action "from fever and fire sickness, from the plagues or anyone bitten by a snake, and from the black weakness."
A society in which for centuries was raised stillness of thought, the commitment of the authorities, did not want to leave the familiar and dear to the heart of misconceptions.
Did you know that two of the famous doctor of his time, steam and Vesalius, once met? Case brought them together at the bedside wounded in the tournament of the king of France Henry II. Royal patient tried to help medical luminaries of the world, so-and-so here, and you were Vesalius and Pair.
Died Ambroise Couple in 1590. We can say that he survived his death at the age of eighteen. There are several legends, how did it happen that the Huguenot Pair escaped death in the infamous massacre of St. Bartholomew 1572, when in Paris in the struggle for power Catholics were his own Huguenots.
One king, precious surgeon, on the eve caused unsuspecting Pair in his chambers and there hath hid it from intoxicated with the blood of religious opponents. Another tradition says that the Pair tied the wounded Huguenot leader Admiral Coligny, when it was found. The popularity of the Pair was so great that no one dared to raise a hand against him.