Frequent and painful urination, in the absence in the urine leukocyte common in women with hormonal disorders, disorders of blood circulation in the area of the triangle and cervix bladder due to local pathological processes.
Sagging anterior vaginal wall and bend the uterus play in this respect an important role. The front wall of the vagina associated with the area gallbladder triangle. Lowering her violates the outflow of blood and lymph in the area of the triangle and bladder neck. When retroversio uteri the body of the uterus thrown back, and neck facing forward and putting pressure on the area of a triangle, breaking the circulation and stimulating the nerve endings. Long relieve congestion and chronic irritation lead to the widening of the epithelium lietotaja triangle. There imperative urge to urination, frequent, and sometimes pain him, worse during menstruation, and when relieve congestion in small pelvis caused by constipation, local cooling, pregnancy.
During cystoscopy, the mucous membrane of the triangle of white epithelial cover is thickened. Region sphincter swollen, a transitional fold visible polypoid expansion.
The main difference of cystalgia from cystitis is the absence in the urine of leukocytes and corresponding zitostaticescoy picture.
Rational treatment of cystalgia is to address the main gynaecological suffering. Temporary effect gives intradermal novocaine blockade on the middle line above the pubic area, as well as the intravenous novocaine blockade. Local treatment of bladder unjustified and should not be used. When indicated expedient hormone therapy (follikulina or sinestrol).