Climatotherapy - use in treatment and health improvement of the climate in the place of permanent residence or for special climatic resorts and health centers. In some cases, climatotherapy is understood simple change of climate. In some cases, the meteorological factors (cold, high temperatures, winds) are used to improve their body's resistance (see Hardening). On the factors of climate, the human body is responsible varied reactions (changes in physiological functions and biochemical processes)that allows a healthy person relatively quickly adapt to a variety of climatic conditions (see Introduction).
The main forms of climatotherapy are dosed stay in the open air, air baths (see Aerotherapy), sun baths, change the usual climatic conditions are more favorable. One of the most active climatic factors is solar radiation. Heat, light and UV rays of the sun, necessary for normal functioning of the body, used for hardening of the organism, and, especially for sun (see Heliotherapy).
The process of adaptation to new climatic conditions is often curative in cases of some diseases with low reactivity of the organism, this improves metabolism, increases muscle tone, improves blood composition, and so on, Children, elderly and debilitated by disease adults or suffering from increased excitability of the nervous system to adapt to new climatic conditions of the poor; abrupt climate change may be even harmful.
The climatic conditions of the taiga places used for strengthening and tempering of the body to cold and cool weather. The climate of steppes along with kymyz treatment often used in the treatment of tuberculosis. The climate of semi-deserts is used for training purposes to high temperatures and intense solar radiation, and in the treatment of some diseases of the kidneys, joints and other Maritime climate is clean air with a high number of aeroions. Southern resorts significant part of the year you can take the air and the sunshine, enjoy the water. The mountain climate is adapting the body to reduced atmospheric pressures and related some of oxygen deficiency. In all these climatic zones there are sanatoriums, rest houses, tourist bases, boarding houses.
Depending on the state of the body appoint the various modes of climatotherapy, which is dominated by careful exposure or training, or a combination.
To treatment and tempering climatic factors include bathing (see) in open water, including swimming in the sea (thalassotherapy). Procedures climatotherapy are held under supervision of nurses.