Thistles curly

Thistles curly, cardependent, Benedict pharmacy - Cnicus benedictus L.
Family Asteraceae - Asteraceae Dum.
thistles curly, cardependent

Thistles curly: 1 - the upper part of the plant; 2-a floral basket with apical leaves during the blossoming period; 3 - a floral basket in the longitudinal incision in the blossoming period; 4 - internal bisexual flower; 5 - achene.

Annual, relatively low plant (50 - 60 cm) with branchy stalk why is "tumbleweed".
The stem and leaves at the base tomentose long hairs. Lower leaves long (up to 20 cm long), sitting on long petioles, upper seat, hugging the stalk. Leaf blade cut on a wide blades, alternating with hollows from 1 to 2 cm wide; on the edge of the blade and seizure finely dentate. Venation sheet pronounced, large veins that are in the blades.
Flowers sit in big baskets, small yellow. Wrap the basket consists of three rows hard leaves, imbricate overlapping each other. In the first row of a short paper (of 0.6-0.7 cm long), slightly convex, ending point, the second - leaves more elongated (2,5-2 cm), also over the edge. Leaflets internal number even longer (up to 3.6 cm) and differ from the previous cross-shaped tip. Hemicarps oblong, ribbed, beveled, ending at the base of the upright beam sharp hairs in the quantity of 10 pieces.
In natural conditions found in southern Europe, Anterior Asia, Afghanistan, in Transcaucasia, Middle Asia. It is cultivated in Central Europe, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Australia, Japan, USA. In the USSR - sometimes in Ukraine. It is unpretentious in growing, drought-resistant. According to our research, the possible growth of plants in the conditions of Kyrgyzstan.
Medicinal raw materials are sheets that are included in the I, II, III State Pharmacopoeia, later, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, included also inflorescences.
In the grass contain resin, gum, tannins, malic magnesia, bitterness, in the seeds and technical oil.
Used to improve appetite and digestion, is used in the manufacture of bitter liqueurs, sometimes used in veterinary medicine as a means of cleansing wounds.