Coitus (Coitus) (synonym: sexual intercourse, intercourse) is sexual intercourse. Sex precedes sexual stimulation that causes an erection of the penis in men and active hyperemia of the reproductive organs in women. Erection makes it possible to commit a sexual act. The introduction of the penis into the vagina contributes prepucialna grease and secret glands Cooper and Littre, lubricating the head of the penis; this contributes to the secretions of the glands of the vestibule of the vagina. Ends the sexual act by the expulsion of semen in men (ejaculation) and secretion of the glands of the cervix and Bartolomeu cancer in women, which is accompanied by higher voluptuous sensation of orgasm.
The duration of the coitus individual, usually no more than 2-4 minutes. Frequency: during a regular sex life - 1-2 sexual act a week. With long-term abstinence duration of coitus decreases, while frequent, repetitive acts - is increasing.
Coitus accompanied by a pronounced stimulation of the autonomic nervous system (palpitations). Increased blood pressure, frequent breathing and pulse. These symptoms after stopping coitus quickly disappear, replaced by a sense of fatigue and sleepiness, especially pronounced in people with unstable nervous system. People with diseases of cardiovascular system coitus may cause sharp fluctuations in blood pressure and deterioration of the General condition.
With the rapid coitus men can occur tears foreskin and breaks bridle, less frequently, damage to the urethra and the gap tunica penis. Women can be damaged labia and vagina walls. Very seldom is the place of infringement of the penis in the vagina due to the spastic contractions of the pelvic floor muscles women. Reduction disappears after a warm bath, narcotic or antispasmodics; in extreme cases, resort to anesthesia.
Pathology of coitus - see Impotence.