Colchicum magnificent

Colchicum gorgeous (Colchicum speciosum Stev.) - wild plant. The active substance of corms - alkaloid kolhamin (see).Colchicum the magnificent

Fig. 5. Colchicum excellent (top right - fetus in the section, below right, onion).

Colchicum gorgeous - summer don't find him, he is in the land of hidden. At the end of August - September on thin stalk without leaves and stems appear beautiful pink or light purple flowers with six petals. After pollination of the flowers fade. It appears large leaves and together with them like a Bud ovary - fruit-box. To heat the seeds should have time to Mature and sleep, leaves turn yellow. The life of the plant will be maintained under the ground, in globalunwire. Plant and called Colchicum for the fact that blooms in the spring with all together, and in the autumn. Colchicum long been known for its toxicity. His clubdelicacy contain alkaloids, including kolhamin and colchicine. Both are highly toxic.
All bezwremennika (our country grows 10 species included into the Red data book of plants, which are on the verge of total destruction. Flowers tearing bouquets and sell on markets. Clubdelicacy injuriously dig in the spring for self-treatment, although this is very dangerous: misuse might end tragically.
We cannot allow Colchicum disappeared. This will be an irreparable loss, because in his time with his colchicine alkaloid scientists were able to change sets the number of chromosomes in the cells - get polyploid plants. This has opened up a new path in the breeding of agricultural plants. Were received outstanding varieties of sugar and fodder beet, fodder grasses. Triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye) - bread of the future, perhaps, and would not be created, if not of Colchicum. And now, in the age of biotechnology, scientists again and again using alkaloids of Colchicum.