Ulcerative colitis treatment

Briefly about the treatment. All drugs used for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, can be divided into five groups: antibiotics, steroid hormones, Antidiarrheals, transfusion environment and restorative drugs.
From antibiotics are the main drugs of sulfa number. Well established Yugoslav sulfasalazin. He appointed the first 1-2 tablets 3 times a day, then increase the dose. In severe forms of the disease can be assigned from 10 to 12 tablets per day. The drug after taking food and drink alkaline water.
At present, the domestic salicylideneaniline prolonged action - salazopiridazin and drug. The advantage is that these drugs can be used in a smaller dose, they were more effective in chronic forms of the disease.
As for antibiotics, clinical experience shows that they do not give effect in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and, furthermore, will have a dampening effect on the intestinal microflora, thus contributing to dysbacteriosis, always accompanying this disease. Antibiotics may be justified only when purulent complications or in the appointment of high doses of steroid medications.
Specific place in the conservative treatment of patients with nonspecific ulcerative colitis take steroid hormones, which is based on their anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties, the ability to reduce the content of globulins and increase the content of albumin serum, and also to suppress the activity of hyaluronidase.
In the treatment of acute forms and severe episodes better use of parenterally administered drugs, in particular hydrocortisone. In recent years, especially for the treatment of distal forms of the disease, noted the high efficiency of local administration of sulfonamides (salicilata-sulfanilamidov in the form of candles) in combination with the treatment of steroid hormones.
In patients with total defeat of the colon can also be used drip with hydrocortisone enemas. Rectal route of administration it is also used by a gradual decrease and cancellation of prednisolone (in order to avoid the syndrome).
Despite high efficiency steroid therapy in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, we tend not too optimistic to assess the prospects of this method. In the rapidly flowing forms of the disease hormone therapy is dangerous because of possible perforations ulcers and profuse bleeding. In addition, this therapy is contraindicated in ulcer disease of stomach and duodenal ulcers, stenosis and the strictures of the colon, purulent and septic processes, etc. And finally, it should be noted that reducing doses of steroid with its subsequent abolition, as a rule, leads again to a relapse of the disease. In conclusion I must say that the purpose of the hormone does not substitute other drugs, and is only supplements. Moreover, the mere application of glucocorticoids requires intensive introduction of mineral salts and proteins. Steroid therapy should combine with antibacterial means, and salicylic sulfonamides.
From antidiarrheal money is recommended codeine phosphate tablets to 0,015 g, or Hungarian drugs riasec or Imodium and other binding means.
An important place in therapies take restorative measures and symptomatic treatment, in particular transfusion introduction of blood, protein and electrolytes, parenteral nutrition, the appointment of cardiac drugs, various vitamins and other
It is difficult to overestimate in the General complex of therapeutic measures in Nonspecific ulcerative colitis is therapeutic feeding. It is impossible not to take into account that many patients have increased sensitivity to various food products (milk, cereals, oranges, bananas, tomatoes and others), and one is already excluded from the diet improves the disease.
In General in the appointment of dietary rations must respect the principle of individualization.
The diet should contain the increased amount of protein. It is necessary to exclude fatty meats, poultry and fish. Vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of roughage that cause mechanical irritation of mucous membrane of the intestines, is not recommended.
In short, you should stick to the fourth table Pevzner. Prohibited spices, spicy dishes, pork, poultry, beans.
For severe ulcerative colitis is proposed to use primarily parenteral nutrition. While intravenous solutions of glucose, salt, protein drugs, whole blood, vitamins.
In recent years firmly established tendency to conservative treatment of ulcerative colitis. Nevertheless, in some cases there is a necessity of surgical intervention. Absolute indications for surgical treatment are complications, such as acute toxic dilation of the colon, resistant to a complex of conservative treatment within days, perforation, ulcers, profuse bleeding, stricture of the colon with symptoms of intestinal obstruction, cancer on the background of ulcers in the colon, as well as chronic form of the disease with deep acute intoxication and flowing relapses.
Surgical methods are: 1) palliative ileostomy; 2) radical (total, Subtotal, partial resection of the colon); 3) restoration and reconstruction.
And yet in most cases the result of surgical intervention disrupted the natural permeability of the intestine, the sick are being pushed into existence with unnatural anus. Therefore, we believe that surgical treatment of ulcerative colitis (in the absence of life-threatening complications, should be applied only when threatened status of the patient, when long-term chronic process impossible for conservative treatment.
Every sick ulcerative colitis should be at the dispensary. Periodically, every 2-3 months, his state of health should monitor and conduct appropriate preventive and curative measures.