Collagen diseases

Collagen disease (synonym collagenosis) is a group of diseases in which there is a systemic defeat connective tissue and blood vessels. These include rheumatism (see), infectious nonspecific polyarthritis (see Arthritis), systemic lupus erythematosus (see), scleroderma (see), dermatomyositis (see), periarteritis nodosa (see Nodosa nadasny); last four of the disease effect is most pronounced systematic destruction and severity of the forecast called big collagenoses. The etiology of most of collagen diseases, with the exception of rheumatism, remains outstanding. The modern doctrine of collagen diseases is the concept about autoimmune (see Autoallergy), autoimmune nature of suffering.
Clinical manifestations of collagen disease: fever, damage the joints, skin, serous membranes, internal organs and the Central nervous system. For collagen diseases, especially for large collagenoses, characterized by chronic course of repeated exacerbations and remissions, multiboot defeat for progressive, often fatal, in the coming years from the onset of the disease; for a collagen disease is characterized by favorable therapeutic effect of corticosteroids (see), immunosuppressants and derivatives aminoquinolinic group.