Colposcopy (synonym of vaginoscope) - method study of vaginal part of cervix and vagina with optical device colposcope, giving the zoom in 10, 15, 25, 30 times.
Using colposcopy diagnose leukoplakia (see), erosion, ectopia and atypical status of the epithelium. The main task of colposcopy is cancer detection ( Fig. 8) and precancerous conditions. During colposcopy specify the place from which to take the material for histological examination. The electrocoagulation cervical uterine erosion should be made only after a colposcopy and histology. Colposcope, equipped with a photo camera can be operated colposcopic picture (fotoalbomy) and to observe the dynamics of development of pathological process.

a cervical colposcopy
Fig. 1. Circular ectopia of the cervix. Fig. 2. Vascularizatia area conversion (transformation). Fig. 3. Leukoplakia of the cervix. Fig. 4. Ectopia of the cervix with areas of leukoplakia. Fig. 5. Microrack cervix and leukoplakia. Fig. 6. Microrack cervix.