Consultation - medical-preventive institution providing medical help to children (the child health) and women (women's consultationin accordance with the principle of follow up (see clinical examination).
Children consultation combined with children's polyclinic and a hospital. Under the supervision of the children's consultations are children from birth to 3 years old, children's polyclinic till 14 years inclusive. Serviced children a district pediatrician.
District children's consultation provides outpatient treatment-and-prophylactic help to children by place of residence. The entire area of activity child health clinic is divided into territorial sections, each of which is fixed by one doctor. A doctor's aid at the site work 1 - 2 visiting nurses.
Admission of children to the consultation carried out on a rolling basis in the morning and evening. The location for receipt of healthy children (isolated from the facilities for the reception of sick children) consists of a filter, oidinoi, doctor's offices, a manipulation room and dressing room. Child health clinic in the Department for sick children, consisting of a filter with Boxing, isolation oidinoi and lavatory, accept children with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, dyspepsia, with skin diseases, conjunctivitis, stomatitis, ear infections, and other diseases. On the filter for healthy children nurse asks her mother about the child, asks whether infectious diseases in the family or apartment, looks at the baby's skin, the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat, weigh the child, measures its growth, enters all data in the history of the development of the child and sends it to the doctor's office. A doctor examines a child asks her mother about the state of his health, the mode of feeding, gives advice and appoints the date of the next visit to the clinic. Nurse participates in the examination of the child by the doctor and follows all its destination.
In the Department for sick children, the doctor examines a child directly in Boxing, when deciding on the nature of the illness of the child, the need of hospitalization or treatment at home.
The child health center organizes compulsory nursing care for children operated by district. Medical (nursing) nurse visits at home all pregnant women in the last month of pregnancy, newborns, children of the first year of life, prematuresuffering from rickets, malnutrition, often ill and patients (see Patronage).
Child health clinic the children in the established terms conduct all necessary vaccinations against tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, smallpox, polio , and others To ensure that children in breast milk in the children's consultation is organized item donations of breast milk. Infants who need complementary foods provided nutritious dairy mixes through dairy kitchen (see). In consultations, in addition to the pediatrician, therapist hold the reception of children doctors of other specialities: otolaryngologist, oculist, surgeon, neurologist, dermatologist and other
All sick children, children with increased body temperature, acute illnesses and diseases, suspicious for infection, in General condition, have been in contact with infectious patients are maintained at home. When identifying at home with contagious disease or is suspected infection district doctor with sisters conducts the whole complex of treatment and anti-epidemic measures, if necessary hospitalitynet child sends emergency notice to the epidemiologist and the corresponding institution. Medical (nursing) sister performs at home all medical prescription.
In pediatric consultations conducted health education: organizes lectures, talks, exhibitions, show-Windows. The child health maintains continuous contact with the female consultation, a maternity home, nursery, hospital and other medical and prophylactic institutions in their region.