Containers radioisotope

Containers radioisotope - special containers for storage and transport of radioactive compounds. Are intended to protect personnel from the action of radiation of these drugs and have to lower dose of radiation to the maximum permissible level (see Doses of ionizing radiation).
There are transport radioisotope containers for transportation of drugs from the factory and residing permanently in medical institutions working radioisotope containers, which are passed drugs within 2-3 days after arrival. Radioisotope containers are made of lead (for gamma emitters) or plastic materials (for beta-emitters) and depending on purpose (for ampoules, bottles, needles, solid or liquid waste, and others) have a different shape and sizes. The weight of the lead container from 600 g to 48 kg
Each container written maximum activity of the drug, which it contained. Given that the containers are usually not fully absorb radiation, to work with them quickly and never leave them in the workplace.
After using the container should be placed in the safe. All radioisotope containers should be labelled to be able to determine their contents without opening. Marking transport radioisotope container is made in the factory and work radioisotope container in the institution sticker from leukoplast indicating radioactive drug activity and date. Radioisotope containers shall be subject to monitoring (see) and in case of detection of radioactive contamination - decontamination by rinsing with warm water and soap.