Coronary circulation

Coronary circulation (coronary circulation - own circulatory system of the heart. Starting in sinuses of the aorta, two coronary artery split into smaller branches, and then on numerous capillaries. Venous blood from the veins of the left ventricle is going (60-70%) in the right atrium through the coronary sinus. About 1/3 of venous blood flows through the small veins of Terezia directly into the right atrium and right ventricle.
For coronary circulation is characterized by:
1) increased circulation (number of capillaries per unit volume of the heart muscle is almost two times higher than the number of capillaries per unit volume of skeletal muscles);
2) blood supply is carried out mainly in diastolic phase of the ventricles, as during systole coronary artery is compressed by Contracting muscle of the heart;
3) the coronary arteries have relatively little anastomoses, so the disruption of blood flow in one of them often leads to the death of part of the heart wall (myocardial infarction);
4) excitation of the sympathetic nervous system increases coronary blood flow, the parasympathetic - to decrease.