Coxsackie viruses

Coxsackie viruses - viruses, similar by its physical and chemical characteristics of the causative agent of poliomyelitis, included in the group of enteric viral infections. Coxsackie viruses are divided into two subgroups: a (23 serotypes) and (6 serotypes).
The Coxsackie viruses cause diseases such as aseptic serous meningitis, myalgia epidemic (bornholmsgat disease), myocarditis or entsefalomiokardita newborns and other
Forecast for infections caused by Coxsackie virus, favorable, with the exception of myocarditis newborns (CFR up to 70%). After a previous infection in blood serum appear antibodies that can be detected by neutralization reactions and of complement fixation.
Diagnostics of diseases specified only laboratory-virological studies swabs and smears from the pharynx, the contents of the intestine.
The main source of infections - people. Coxsackie virus are excreted in the external environment mostly with the contents of the intestines, is found in the wastewater, with associated outbreak in the summer and autumn. Carriers are flies and home cockroaches.
Prophylaxis of infections caused by Coxsackie virus,see Polimaltosny diseases, Respiratory viral infections, Enterovirus diseases. Cm. also Viruses.