Hawthorn trovano-red

Hawthorn trovano-red (Crataegus sanguinea Pall.) - wild plant. Fruits contain saponins and flavonoids. Fruit extract liquid (30-40 drops 3-4 times a day before meals) or tincture (50 drops 3 times a day) apply with functional disorders of cardiac activity and angioneurotic.hawthorn trovano-red

Fig. 8. Hawthorn trovano-red (left - branch with fruits).

From large family of hawthorns, and there are about 700 species - many medicinal plants. In our forests is growing about 40 types of this shrub. Especially famous are its advantages hawthorn is red, which is useful and fruits, and flowers. It helps from many diseases, but the main thing in heart disease. Water extracts from the flowers and liquid extracts from fruits are recommended in the neurosis, hypertension. Hawthorn tincture is used for insomnia.

Hawthorn hardy, hardy, unpretentious to soil and drought-resistant. To all else, and survivor - 300 years, it is not the limit. Resumes hawthorn root offsprings. When it is cultivated from seeds, you need to remember that without stratification they won't rise. Flowers hawthorn collected in the beginning of flowering, in may, when only some of them have blossomed and fruits should go in September - October.