Pumpkin ordinary

Pumpkin ordinary (Cucurbita Reno L.) - cultivated plant. Active agents has not been elucidated. Cleared from leathery rind (but always with filmy shell!) seeds used as a sedative mean the tape-worm. Take in the form of emulsion (150 g of seeds grind with 450 ml of water), clover (150 - 200 g per reception), powder (60-80 g for 20 minutes), broth (200 : 500, in the amount of 400 to 450 ml).
It has long been known that pumpkin useful. The weight of another pumpkin is 180 kg
In its pulp - carotene (provitamin a), vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), C (ascorbic acid), E (tocopherol). A lot of potassium, there phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper and even cobalt. The more fully in the vegetable presents periodic table, so it is more nutritious and healing. And more importantly, in the pumpkin pectin more than apples.
Pumpkin seeds are used in medicine as harmless anthelmintic that you can give even small children. Pumpkin pulp has a slight laxative effect and pronounced a diuretic that increases the excretion of chloride salts from the body. Pumpkin is very important for treatment of diseases of liver, gall bladder, gout, kidney disease, inflammation of the large intestine.