What color therapy

Many of us have heard about what each color in one way or another can affect mood, health. But that is a method of treatment, which is called color therapy, heard not all. About him and will be discussed in this article!

For a long time humanity practiced this method of treatment, as color therapy. Very popular in our time. What is the essence of this method?

One way or another, each of us interacts with the color spectrum. Colors are present in any sphere of our life, every color has on us certain influence. Tsvetoterapii has developed several methods of treatment of color, in the basis of the therapy - the belief that a rainbow of colors associated with different human organs, so the effect of color can be therapeutic.

What techniques are used color therapy? First, this color-pulse stimulation, which works with the help of special device. Its essence in using different light filters which act through the nervous system to the internal organs.

The second method - colored power. Tsvetoterapii with tests determines what color is necessary for the body of the patient. Accordingly, in the daily diet of the patient is recommended to add products that color in which your body needs. For example, someone who lacks the color red, you need to eat cherries, cherries, red pepper, tomatoes and so on.

The third method is chronopuncture. This relies on the impact of color on the point responsible for the work of the relevant body. Impact on the point is provided with special bags filled with salt yellowish. Before the procedure pouches cover specific heat lamp or under direct sunlight. Received the energy is given during the massage the patient.

Another interesting method is the so-called therapy "rainbow". Colored vessel pour water and put it in the sun. After the water charged by solar energy, it is used almost as a medicine.

There is also citometria. During the meditator mentally fills a specific color of some body.

Also among the methods of color therapy - the colour of the bath.

Each color stands for a specific organ or system. For example, the red color is the symbol of vital power, it activates metabolism, blood circulation, liver and so on. People prone to increased pressure and irritability, you must be extremely careful with this color.

Yellow - the color of the sun and joy. He has beneficial effects on the digestive tract and is useful for strengthening the nervous system. It is also considered that it stimulates the work of brain, improves mood.

The orange color is useful in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and bladder. He is believed to have positive effect on hormones. It helps with depression and anxiety States.

The blue color in positive effect on the thyroid gland and prevents inflammations. Color calm, counterbalances, is peaceful.

Blue "works" as a painkiller. Also good effect on the bones and muscles, relieves tension and brings peace.

The most harmonious and harmonizing color is green. It stabilizes pressure, treats cardiovascular system, relieves headaches, brings man to the balance and wisdom. It does not have contra-indications, it is useful for any of us!