Siamed (Cyamidum; list B) - preparations for the treatment of chronic alcoholism. Teamed mechanism of action close to the teturama (see), but is less toxic. In one tablet contains 0.05 g cyanamide calcium and 0.1 g of citric acid. Assign inside. The first two days give 1/2 pills, then, in the absence of side effects,- 1-2 tablets after meals daily for 1-2 months; 2-3 times a week conduct tests with the use of alcohol (25-50 ml of 40 degrees vodka) under the close supervision of a physician. Repeat the treatment after 1 - Snake. Treatment tiaminom conduct long (up to 2 years) in combination with active psychotherapy. Contraindications are the same as for teturama. The form of release: tablets.

Siamed (Cyamidum; list B) - for the treatment of alcoholism, which is a mixture of calcium cyanamide (CaCN2; 5 parts) and citric acid (formula With6H8O7; 10 parts). As teturam (see), calcium cyanamide retards oxidation of acetaldehyde, formed in the destruction of alcohol in the body, acetic acid and changes the way of the vessels to the acetaldehyde; the result is expressed vegetative-vascular reaction. Teamed is used to generate a negative reaction to the admission of alcohol. Treatment can begin 5 days after discontinuation of alcohol. Before treatment test is carried out on the tolerability of the drug (1/2 tablet for 2 days). Appoint teamed inside of 1-2 tablets (after delivery) a day for 1-2 months. Every 2-3 days spend samples with alcohol (25-50 ml of vodka). If necessary after 1-3 months. designate a refresher course or supportive therapy (up to 2 years). Treatment in combination with active therapy under medical supervision. Absolute contraindications: atherosclerosis, vascular disease, myocarditis, allergic and endocrine diseases, severe diseases of the CNS, organs, malignant tumors. The form of release: tablets on 0.15 g