Cyclodienes (cyclodialysis; from the Greek. kyklos - circle, circumference and dialysis - office - operation detachment of the ciliary body from the sclera to create messages between filtration angle and supranationalism space eyes.
Proposed to lower intraocular pressure in glaucoma (see). Cyclodienes shown mainly in simple glaucoma, hemorrhagic, secondary glaucoma as a result of displacement of the lens and as a second operation.
Cyclodienes as other antiglaucomatous operation is done under local anesthesia. Operate in the external-lower or outer upper quadrant of the eye. Some distance of 5 mm from limb, make a small cut of the conjunctiva and usepreview it from the sclera. Spear or linear knife, carefully make the cut sclera in length, 2-3 mm in parallel limb at a distance of 5 mm from it. In scleral wound enter the tip curved spatula and, pressing it to the sclera, pushed between her and the ciliary body. When spatula will be released in the camera, do a turn him on a plane 90° first one, then the other way and prepare the chin so ciliary body from the sclera approximately 1/3 of its circumference (Fig). Spatula remove the back, on the conjunctiva impose seam, buried 30% solution of sulfacetamide and 1% solution pilokarpina.
During the operation, often there is bleeding in the front chamber, which usually resolves within a few days.
Persistent anti-hypertensive effect of the operation is observed in 60-70%, the best result is being celebrated with a simple glaucoma.

Cyclodienes: 1 - Heine; 2 - modification Eleshnica.