Tzigarol (Cygerolum) - antiseptic agent. Used externally in the treatment of sluggish granulating wounds, trophic ulcers, burns, etc., the Wound is covered with a gauze napkin moistened with cigarola. Bandaging do in 1-2 days, with burns after 4-5 days. Applied also 10-25% ointment cigarola. Release form: bottles of 50 g; 5-20% solution of cigarola in vaseline oil in the bottle of 500 ml; 10 or 25% ointment in the box on 10 and 30 g
Cm. also Antiseptic.

Tzigarol (Cygerolum) - antiseptic; cyclohexasiloxane acid. Transparent oily liquid, which is sterilized by conventional methods. Indicated for the treatment of granulating wounds, trophic ulcer and burn surfaces, as it stimulates the regenerative processes, promotes cleansing of wounds from necrotic tissue. Local applied; for large wound surfaces tzigarol diluted (1:5) in sterile oil. Bandaging in 1-2 days, with burns - in 4-5 days. The preparation is not toxic. Cm. also Antiseptic.