Cysteine (Cysteinum) - for the treatment of cataracts. Is irreplaceable amino acid. Participates in reactions of transamination, in the process of exchange of sulfur in the body, metabolism in the lens of the eye. Appoint cysteine in the primary form of age, myopathy, radiation and contusion of the cataract. Is used the aqueous solution of cysteine using electrophoresis (5% solution) or without electrophoresis (2% solution) in the form of eye baths. Solution prepared immediately before use. The course of treatment is 40 sessions.
Zistinurija contraindicated in elevated intraocular pressure and aluminium cataract; treatment contusion cataract Pets in 2-3 months after their formation. The release form cysteine: powder in sealed tubes or vials of dark glass, 10 g (tube poured paraffin).

Cysteine (Cysteinum) - amino acid; α-amino-beta-tiaprofenova acid. In the animal body is part of Tripeptide glutathione and many proteins. Due to the presence of sulfhydryl groups (-SH) and reversible formation of disulfide bonds (a-S-S-) cysteine plays an important role in the regulation of metabolic processes in the body. It is proposed to apply a 5% aqueous solution of cysteine using electrophoresis to delay cataract development and enlightenment lens for cataract. Treatments are performed daily; start with 8 minutes, daily, increase the duration of the session 2 minutes and bring it to 20 minutes the Course of treatment is 40 procedures. Cystinuria is contraindicated in increased intraocular pressure. The release form: powder in vials or vials of 10,