Cystotomy is an operation suprapubic vnebrachnogo section of the bladder. Produce removal of bladder stones, foreign bodies him, electrocautery tumors, adenomektomii, and also with the purpose of education suprapubic fistula. The operation usually spend procaine under local anesthesia.
Previously in entering the bladder 200-250 ml of physiological solution, which facilitates the operation.
The technique of the operation is largely determined by its purpose. If you do not want education suprapubic mahaputera fistula, wound bubble tightly sewn double row ketotofin seam, leaving for a few days a permanent catheter.
If necessary drainage in the bubble enter the drainage tube and fix it with catgut to the wall of the urinary bladder, the wound bladder is taken about tube double row ketotofin seam. Preduzme (ponedelkova) space is drained by a small rubber strip, the wound of the abdominal wall is sutured in layers kedgotoline seams to drains. Skin impose silk sutures.
In the postoperative period it is necessary to monitor the flow of urine through a drainage tube. If necessary after surgery cavity bladder can be cleaned with a solution furatsilina 1 : 5000. Cm. also Nursing, urological.