Exercise yoga for beginners system Dao-Yin

Acupuncture is the processing of biologically active points of a skin with your fingers.
Developed by the creators of acupuncture theory of life includes teaching about the constant interaction of the organism with the Cosmos, about energy management on the part of the Universe is the work of the bodies. This corresponds to the experimental and theoretical data on direct exchange of energy of the human body with the Cosmos which is shown in studies of Russian scientists Century I. Vernadsky and A. L. Chizhevsky. Tao-Ying is one of such instruments for energy regulation of the psyche that promote health. The complex of Tao-in (Tao-in-1) is of a basic nature: there is the further course of the development of Tao-in-2.
Let us consider the special complex of exercises on the system of Tao-in, especially useful for women (Fig. 3).
Exercise 1. Should kneel down and sit on the heels (Fig. 3, position 1). You need to sit easily with a straight spine, with minimal pressure on the heels and without any stress. However chin slightly lowered, hands lie on the thighs, fingers slightly obliquely directed inward.
In this position you can feel the energy excess, if the lower part of the body with great power (body weight) to put pressure on the legs. A person who is unable to sit in this position, the body is very well developed, it has a surplus of energy.
Yoga for women
Exercise 2. Set the distance between his knees (Fig. 3, posture 2A), equal to the width of a fist, take a deep breath and start to do the exercises, called "sun Salutation" (energy source) and greetings comrades participating in the implementation of this complex. Place your palms on the floor (Fig. 3, posture 2B), then (gliding) move them forward and connecting together, form a triangle big and index fingers (Fig. 3, posture 2B). It should all the time to breathe out, tilting the body up until the forehead exactly fit in well-educated fingers triangle (figure 3, posture 2G). Now, when out of the chest cavity (as abdominal) maximum removed the air, it is necessary to relax and stay in this position as long as possible, concentrating on the feeling of accumulated energy. Next, doing all the steps in reverse order, it is necessary to return to the original position, making intensive breath and instilling a sense of gratitude (Fig. 3, poses 2A-2B).
If desired, this exercise can slowly be repeated several times. For group practice it immediately creates a mutual contact and the feeling of harmony among those who executes it. If you make this exercise as one, he develops the flexibility of the body, and a feeling of gratitude and ease, which itself determines the successful outcome of the upcoming day.
In different countries exercise "sun Salutation is done in different ways. For example, if the original standing, when the heel and the joints of the big toe close to each other, heel and ankle alternately rise, and the bones of the ankles with the power of the RUB against each other (it stimulates the work of kidneys, spleen, the work of the bladder, thyroid and pituitary gland). At the same time thumbs pressed into depression at the shoulders under the collarbones, and elbows make circular movements to stimulate the lungs.

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