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  • Exercise 3. As an active element, "tools" in the system of Tao-in uses only hands. Enough of them to RUB against each other or shake as immediately, starting from the wrist, intensifying the circulation, the movement of nervous energy and the flow of energy "Ki" (Fig. 3, position 3). This creates a coordinated activity of the main parts of the meridians lung, circulatory and sexual function, and the Meridian of the heart, is their arousal or tranquility. The meridians is a kind of "channels" (outwardly not like blood vessels, neither to the nerve fibers), through which the connection of external bodies with internal entire surface of the skin with muscle and bone material. The human body penetrate the 14 main meridians. When toning the body's energy flow is routed to any one authority, while the result of the process of settling the released energy "Ki" is distributed all over the body and stimulates its functions. Therefore, the process of settling actually provides a much more effective stimulation than toning.
    Exercise 4. Test the flexibility of the joints of the fingers is an important test General condition of the body. The fingers should be easy and painless to bend back when pressed, reaching position at right angles to the hands (Fig. 3, posture 4A). Another way to check the condition of the joints is trying to concatenate the fingers, hands when diagonally laid behind his back. Small movements of the hand in one direction and then in another direction with some tension stimulate the Meridian of the bladder, heart, small intestine and lungs (Fig. 3, posture 4B).
    Exercise 5. Meridian of the lungs, heart, blood circulation and sexual function stimulated alternate light this for free in the joint wrists. The fingers of the hand, which Pokracovat, slightly bent in a fist, and the power of tapping determined by the weight of the fist (Fig. 3, position 5).
    Exercise 6. Around the wrist are the most important points of acupuncture. This exercise stimulates not only the meridians, which lies in the depth, but also the meridians walking on hand outside at the top of the wrist (Fig. 3, posture 6).
    Exercise 7. The rotation of the thumb (Fig. 3, position 7), as well as all other fingers stimulates the endings of the meridians. So, lung meridians are stimulated with the help of thumb, the large intestine through an index finger, heart - by rotation of the little finger, and so on
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    Exercise 8. All the fingers can be bent to crunch in each of the two joints. This enables vital energy rapidly accrue when bent, and then flow with great force as soon as the pressure on the finger will be weakened (Fig. 3, posture 8).
    Exercise 9. The index and middle finger of one hand we need to form a plug, which should in quick succession to bend back the fingers of the other hand. The angle between the palm and bent finger should be direct. If this angle is less than 90 degrees, it indicates a lack of will power (Fig. 3, posture 9).
    Exercise 10. The point of the large intestine Meridian should not be painful. If in the morning the check would be that its sensitivity is increased, it indicates a disease of the large intestine. To cure him from his lethargy should deeply massaging this point under the lower lip, pound it with the pressure to eat until fabric in this place becomes elastic and supple.
    Exercise 11. The lungs Meridian points (Fig. 3, posture 10) should be promoted with the aim of creating a free flow of oxygen to provide a normal course of the process of respiration and nutrition lungs. It is also important not to forget the need of stimulation and other points of the Meridian, located above the wrist.
    Exercise 12. At the intersection lines of the heart (on palm) and the Meridian of the heart (under the skin of the palm) is a point, which is important for the treatment of heart when it is active processing (Fig. 3, position 11).
    Exercise 13. By infringing Mezentsev on both sides of the nail (for left and right hand) you can improve the state of the heart and to accelerate the transition of energy to the neighboring small intestine Meridian. To save a person's life when the heart attack, you need a point from both sides of the nail to encourage vigorously and rhythmically (in the normal rhythm of the heart), using both hands (Fig. 3, posture 12).

    Exercise 14. In the system of Tao-in is very useful from time to time vigorously RUB the palm of one on the other to enhance their healing abilities.

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