Exercise yoga for beginners system Dao-Yin

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  • Exercise 15. Across the surface of a person passes several of the meridians. For example, the Meridian of the stomach and small intestine intersect on the lower jaw. Recommended palms much grind cheeks upwards (see Fig. 3, posture 13A). In addition, directly under the eye begins Meridian of the stomach; on each side of the nose, the upper part is the Meridian of the bladder, and on the Central line of the nose - Meridian brain. Therefore, their stimulation should be vigorous rubbing her jaw on both sides of the nose (Fig. 3, posture 136). Beneficial is also a deep massage of gums using the fingertips of both hands, as near gum is located endpoint Meridian bodies fertilization. At the same time to stimulate the Meridian points of the stomach (Fig. 3, posture 13C) and the point of the large intestine Meridian (Fig. 3, posture 13G).
    Exercise 16. You should make sharp and fast turning his head from side to side 180 degrees, with the mouth should be semi-open and relaxed. If after a few turns will come selection of saliva, then this is a sign of excessive consumption of water or excess energy in the body.
    Exercise 17. Slightly curled into fists fingers completely free in the wrists, and you want to easily pokolachivanii hair skull to stimulate the meridians urinary bladder and bubbles, and triple Meridian of heat generation, passing over the ears (Fig.3, posture 14).

    Exercise 18. Bent thumbs should push under the lower jaw to stimulate there glands. If you will feel pain or occur seal tissue to correct this to do a deep massage and reduce the amount of food consumed that will prevent and education double chin (Fig. 3, posture 15).
    Exercise 19. The fingertips of both hands to do deep massage of the upper gums, where is the last point of the Meridian, managing nervous system (Fig. 3, posture 16).
    Exercise 20. Carotid artery nourishes the thyroid glandlocated at the base of the neck (supraclavicular depression). Make quick and light pressure on both sides of the esophagus in the direction from top to bottom, stirring hormonal activity gland and promoting the acquisition smooth and beautiful skin.
    Exercise 21. Capturing into fists large tufts of hair, you need to pull them with force, without causing pain. It stimulates the meridians bladder and gall bladder. This exercise should in disorders of digestion.
    Exercise 22. Should seriously infringe on your fingers the narrowest part of the nose and several times to pull forward to stimulate brain activity, urinary and genital organs. This exercise is recommended for impotence (figure 3, posture 17).
    Exercise 23. Slightly to infringe on the upper eyelid and several times, keeping the rhythm, pull it from the top of an Apple. This exercise allows to determine the excess energy "Yin" or water in the body.
    Exercise 24. Ears are our external antenna, receiving fluctuations of the environment. Pull them up and how would lift themselves behind the ears. Then pull the earlobes down. This will bring a sense of fun and a state of peace. Then through claps bend hands of the ear forward and push them to the head so to cause the feeling of rhythmic noise in the inner ear. It stimulates triple Meridian of heat generation, gall bladder, stomach and even the kidneys.

    Exercise 25. Figure (pose 18) shows how it should be led ends forefinger in a spiral of ears; the fingers should be unrelenting pressure and make them rotational motion with the pressure on the eardrum. If the ends of the index fingers will feel the layer of fat, then it indicates excessive protein in the body or on the excessive consumption of food.

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