Exercise yoga for beginners system Dao-Yin

  • Dao-Yin exercises for beginners 1-2
  • Dao-Yin exercises for beginners 3-14
  • Dao-Yin exercises for beginners 15-25
  • Exercise 26. Stimulation of long Meridian of the bladder is done by rolling back forward and back, it should keep large fingers crossed legs in his hands. Moving forward we need to start jerk back of the head (Fig. 3, poses 19a, 196).

    Exercise 27. The meridians of the brain, bladder and gall bladder run along the spine, through the lower back and forth along her thighs. To stimulate these meridians places where they are held, should be carefully pokolachivanii fists (Fig. 3, posture 20).
    Exercise 28. Figure 3 (pose 21) shows how a person with good health four fingers of each hand, can easily penetrate in the ribs. This is to stimulate the liver to the right and spleen on the left.
    Exercise 29. Meridian of the liver and spleen are placed under the muscle hollows on the chest and abdomen. It is recommended that vigorous rubbing the sides of the chest for toning (Fig. 3, posture 22).
    Exercise 30. Bowel disease are best treated by rubbing the area between the thumb and forefinger, massage calves, walking barefoot on small stones or tapping the top of the head. You can also make self-massage of the abdomen.
    Exercise 31. Bone heels influence the process of regeneration of cells in the bone tissue, therefore, to stimulate much and rhythmically to hit heels on the floor with simultaneous stretching and bending the legs at the knees.
    Exercise 32. Kidney, bladder, and sexual glands (the testes and ovaries) stimulated strong shipname Achilles tendon. If the pain is felt, it indicates a violation of the work of these bodies. To get rid of any acute pain in the body, you should massage the points on the outside of the ankle (Fig. 3, posture 23).
    Exercise 33. To enhance sexual function, as well as for treatment of renal colic, lower back pain and tight knee joints have to grab the heel bone in the hand (Fig. 3, posture 24) and with the power to deepen her four fingers of the hand.

    Exercise 34. Figure 3 (postures 25A, b, C) shows the way, the point of impact and stimulate corresponding to these points authorities. Figure 3 (pose 25V) it is visible, as it stimulates the point pertaining to the liver.
    Exercise 35. Meridian of the spleen, liver, and pituitary are activated by means of a strong compression of the big toe both sides of the nail (Fig. 3, posture 26).
    Exercise 36. Each finger of the left and right legs must be rotated in both directions, and then you need to take him out with the force. After that you should bend every finger back, trying to get the upper part of the foot.

    Exercise 37. Figure 3 (pose 27) shows how to stimulate the eye and sinus reflex.
    Exercise 38. This exercise is particularly favorable for activation of all meridians located in the lower extremities. It should take a firm hold of his toes (excluding the thumb) so that the little finger strongly resisted to the point, and the other fingers were placed in a row on the fleshy part of the soles, and jerk bend toes forward. Exercise should be done every morning and evening after washing the feet of cold water, and rubbing their brush, as it stimulates the kidneys, bladder, sexual activity, blood flow (Fig. 3, posture 28).

    Exercise 39. A few vigorous strokes of the sole of the foot can be stimulated at the same time points that apply to many internal organs (Fig. 3, posture 29). With this purpose it is recommended to walk barefoot on small smooth stones or glass beads, peas, write them a rocking chair, etc.