Physiological basis of talent

Of course, the success of a person in a certain sphere of activity depend to some extent on its typological characteristics. In General, however, these successes are connected with the level of his abilities.
The talent of the man, his ability to a concrete kind of activity related to the degree of development of the relevant cortical analyzers. No doubt that the outstanding musician has a high level of development of hearing, and the outstanding artists of the visual analyzer. In physiology of analysers special importance is attached to their Central station, cortical part of them. Remember that different cortical analyzers have a certain localization. Visual localized predominantly in the occipital region, hearing - in the temporal, skin and motor - frontal-parietal and other Functions abstract thinking are associated more with the front part of the frontal lobes.
The level of development of analyzers, and with them and gifts from different people differently. History knows a number of examples, when one man was combined talents of scientific and artistic nature. In other words, with an average ratio of signal both systems can be developed to the highest degree. Talent in the area and science, and art combined, for example, Leonardo da Vinci, M. C. Lomonosov, A. P. Borodin and others
Specific features of cortical analyzers, providing high creative productivity, are still largely unsolved mystery to be investigated. I would just like to emphasize that in the physiological aspect of modern man still does not detect all of its possibilities for two reasons.
First, in the midst of a sea of people there is still much untapped talents. The fate of people is not always develop favorably to identify their abilities. Perhaps every man has his own gift, but we were unable to open it.
Secondly, talent, of course, is an inherent property, but only a potential. Only education can be identified. In this sense, the talent is always the product of indissoluble unity of heredity and upbringing. Alone education, even the most sophisticated, cannot carve talent of a worthless person. However, in the absence of proper upbringing even brilliantly gifted by nature man will not reveal his genius.
It is essential that as to identify and to educate and develop talent it early enough. As correctly writes C. L. levy, the harvest of heredity should be collected in time. Wild children who infants grew up among animals (history knows several dozens of such cases), when released into society of people after 15 years have not become full-fledged members of this society, proper human beings. The time is wasted. What to talk about sprouts talent or genius, is not revealed to that age? Not accidentally, the vast majority of the great figures of our culture, displayed in the nineteenth century, came from a noble landlord families. To innate talent was added magnificent home education. Improving the current system of public education, we need to think seriously about its individualization.