Daria LOMANOV and other

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Belief in witchcraft, because of the conspiracy witches and sorcerers existed not only in Europe. Many pages of Russian history are also connected with the persecution of "witches", with persecutions for witchcraft, though not in such amount and with such force violence which characterized the actions of the priests of the Catholic Church. Lack of scientific knowledge, ignorance, prejudice, rooted in the consciousness of people in their everyday life, were a common basis for all the phenomenon of this kind. One of them belongs the story happened with the Royal seamstress Daria Romanovoi and her friends.
...The trouble happened cold autumn afternoon, when the great Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich was away. Masters-zolotoshveyki Stepanida, Arapca discovered the loss of the remnants of paintings from tablecloths, making for the Empress. Guard Yu Bear Grigoriev Yes another watchman, Misha Semenov, saw that the cloth on the head masters Daria Romanovoi when she leaned over the Moscow river. While there, Daria master linen was torn up to pieces, the rest from him gave them, watchmen.
And in the morning of that day masters saw how to Daria Romanovoi came unknown little wife, and after poured Darya on the trail of the Queen-Queen of some sand.
"Another thing, " masters presacral eyes and whispered quickly and softly, as was her Majesty the Tsar on transitions by drawing rooms, Dasha had boasted: only her Queen to leave, and the rest of her cheap...
Sir, having returned, told about it to find genuine.
Okolnichy Streshnev and deacon Cockroaches all masters before him with eyes on his eyes and put detail questioned.
Daria Lomanova denied all. And that no such words were said, and the sand is not poured on the trail of the sovereign, and came to her only sister-in-law, up in the attic is not so good. Over the Moscow river to the grandmother that all can help, she did not go and friends did not take. As it started - all wrong.
Okolnichy and the clerk reported to the Emperor, and he ordered a fire to burn and torture firmly.
After learning of the master Daria Lomanova began to cry and started confess: sand it on gosudaryni trace is not showered, boasted same drunk - if only for her job, the Queen granted, and the rest, they say, it is not expensive. Yes, for the Moscow river went and master canvas was closed, but brought it with me.
Okolnichy and deacon questioned the guards, you know in the face the wife, what came to the master? One would not know the day - don't remember, and the remains of paintings Daria they gave because they do nothing useful.
Raspashnye speech watchmen recorded and sovereign them showed. After listening, the Emperor ordered the torture of this:
as the master on the trail of the Empress, the sand was showering,
for master Li damage walked mistress for the Moscow river to the grandmother or for any other case,
who was and who is that woman that went into the front room.
Soon the master Daria Lomanova at the interrogation confessed that followed the Moscow river to vorogayt and friend his name was. Name is grandma-varajase Nastasia, she lives for the Moscow river, in Vspolye, and is known that people charms to talk about salt and soap.
The sovereign people to Spolia ran, led Nastasino, daughter Ivanov, originally the Chernigovka. Brought her, and found it masters the little wife that went to Daria Romanovoj. And Daria recognized. Only Nastasia rests.
Daria her and says:
- Bovines, Nastya. I remember I came to you, the gates of black, from his shirt torn off, brought, and with it brought salt and soap? You gate near the stove burned, salt, soap was said and ordered the ashes to be pour on the master track, where the Empress and their children and neighbors people go. From this, they say, there will be no harm, and near the people I love will be. Scatter, they say, it has a chamber on the porch. Remember it?
But Nastasia did not remember until the fire and torture did not help in this: confessed it that sprinkle the ashes were told not to dashing case, and in that time the petition, here and wanted it that it was successful. And the damage sovereign order she was not. The damage it, Nastasya, does not only husband and wife charms on salt and soap to talk about. Taught the art of its Manica Kotlica, she lives for the Moscow river, at the Cover.