The Egyptian dope

The dope Egyptian - Datura aegyptiaca Vest.
Family Solanaceae - Solanaceae Pers.
Grayish grassy plant in height 20-30 see the taproot. Stem is upright, in upper part fork-branched. Leaves another; top - pairs of contiguous, resulting seem to be opposite, plates of leaves are oblong-ovate, agubekovskaya, gray-green, with both parties and petioles, pubescent. Flowers large, single, located in axils of stem, stems erect. Calyx dlinnorukiy, Corolla purple, tubular-funnel-shaped. The fruit is globose, polyspermous, grayish-green, densely lined needle-shaped thorns. Blossoms in June-July, bears fruit in August. It prefers rich in organic substances loose soil.
The overground part in the budding stage identified a small number of alkaloids.
The leaves are used as asthma remedy.