The dope giant

The dope giant - Datura gigantea var. inermis.
Family Solanaceae - Solanaceae Pers.
Grayish grassy plant in height 40-50 see thin taproot, yellowish. Stem is upright, in upper part fork-branched, thin. Leaves alternate, fine; top - pairs of contiguous, therefore, seem to be the opposite. Plates of leaves are oblong-ovate, agubekovskaya, gray-green, with both parties and petioles, pubescent. Flowers single, located in axils of stem. Calyx dlinnorukiy, with four teeth. Corolla purple, tubular-funnel-shaped. The fruit is globose, grayish-green box, thickly lined needle-shaped thorns.
In our conditions blossoms in June, fructifies in July - August. Biological properties similar to other types.
The Birthplace Of America.
In the raw material, received in the area of medicinal plants of the Botanical garden of Academy of Sciences of Kirghiz SSR, contains 0,172% alkaloids.