The Indian dope

the dope Indian
The dope Indian (Datura innoxia Mill.): at the top - the top part of the shoot with flower and Bud; at the bottom - fruit-boxes on the stalk.

The dope Indian - Datura innoxia.
Family Solanaceae - Solanaceae Pers.
Annual plant. Different from being ordinary , more powerful development Bush, pubescence the leaves and stems and white painting is quite large flowers. Reaches the height of more than 1 m, side shoots - 40-50 cm length.
Leaves glubokovskaya, dark green. White tubular flowers 8-9 cm length (with phone), sitting in forks, after fertilization form fruits drooping during maturation. Bright yellow or orange seeds distinguish it from other species of this genus. Seeds are flattened, reniform, on the edge with wavy roller.
Rodina - Central and southern tropical America. In nature the plant grows in the Mediterranean, in America and tropical countries. In the Soviet Union is cultivated in Central Asia and the Caucasus.
Collect leaves and seeds. They contain alkaloids with high content of scopolamine; the latter is especially abundant accumulates in the seeds and green boxes.
Juicy, green, unripe fruits as they develop collected, then cut and dried in the sun, after which the seeds weed out on the screens.
Leaves prepare asthma powder.