The dope natelevidenii

The dope natelevidenii - Datura meteloides DC.
Family Solanaceae - Solanaceae Pers.
Greenish grassy plant in height of 35-40 see the Root is stalky, fibrillose. Stem is upright, in upper part fork-branchy, greenish, thick, rounded. The leaves of the upper pairs of contiguous, resulting seem to be opposite. Plates of leaves are oblong-ovate, agubekovskaya, grayish-green, pubescent. Flowers are large, single, located in axils of stem. Calyx dlinnorukiy. The fruit is globose, polyspermous, greenish-green box with a sprawling and convex base Cup. Box lined with a needle-like spikes. Blossoms in June. Bears fruit in July.
Contains 0,172% alkaloids. Is used as raw material for production of scopolamine.
Originated in tropical and subtropical America.