Purple haze

purple hazepurple Haze - Datura tatula L.
Family Solanaceae - Solanaceae Pers.
Grayish annual grassy plant in height 40 see taproot. The stem is erect, fork-branchy, brown-violet, in the lower part rounded up the flat, thick. The leaves are alternate, petiolate; upper - pairs of contiguous, resulting seem to be opposite. The leaf agubekovskaya, on both sides, as the petioles, pubescent. Flowers large, single; stems are erect. Calyx dlinnorukiy, with five teeth. Corolla purple, tubular-funnel-shaped. The fruit is globose grayish-green box. Blossoms in June-July. Bears fruit in August. Distributed everywhere in the hot climate in the USSR - in Transcaucasia and Central Asia.
In this form the superstructure of the fruiting stage contains 22% alkaloids.