Carrot crop

carrot seed
Fig. 45. Carrot crop
(right - seed - preplogic).

Carrot crop [Daucus sativus (Hoffm.) Roehl.] cultivated plant seeds from which the drug Dowerin (see).
The carrot is the abundance of carotene, and the main thing-carotene is the most active form. In carrots him more than any other products. You need to eat just 100 g carrots, so on a day to provide themselves with vitamin a, which gives eye sight. In addition, carrots contain vitamins B1, B2, B6, PP1, C1, E, a great range of mineral salts, there is even such as cobalt and iron, which is very useful for anemia.
Carrots and carrot juice reduce fatigue, recommended for those who are prone to colds. Shown in skin and gastro-intestinal diseases, dry skin, brittle hair and nails. And at the eye diseases like cataract, conjunctivitis and carrots - essential medicine.
Recommend including carrots in a diet at disease of kidneys, cardiovascular disorders of mineral metabolism. In General, carrots in ancient times believed in a strong medicine and modern medicine pays tribute to her.