Debilnosti is the most mild mental retardation. Morons able to schooling and vocational training in special schools and institutions for learning and memorizing training and any other material they need more visibility, the slow pace of learning and frequent revision. Can buy enough stock of knowledge, which always remain isolated, without mutual communication. The vocabulary is the morons significant. However, it is characterized by frequent use of memorized, "stamped" expressions, the content of which they are often poorly understood. The events surrounding the life of morons perceive extremely one-sided, unable to navigate in difficult or unfamiliar situations. Desire can be either reduced or increased significantly. In the latter case, this often leads to the wrong patient and even criminal actions. The skillful years, requiring patience and tolerance education and leadership morons adapt to life and can master simple profession.

Debilnosti is relatively mild mental retardation. The reduction of the mental development is not as pronounced, so morons capable of learning. In an ordinary school " to learn not, because due to the lack of abstract thinking and slowness of mental processes of learning and memorization of educational material they need more visibility, the slow pace of learning and frequent revision. The sound pronunciation and articulation of words violated blurred. Vocabulary may be sufficient, but it is inclined to the use memorized expressions, "speech stamps', which are morons often poorly understood. Judgments their primitive reasoning is insufficient.
The development of the emotions in the morons reaches a higher degree than Imbeciles, but differentiation emotions considerably lower than that of mental normal children. The behavior of morons largely depends on the prevailing emotions and inclinations, and on the ability to control them. Of great importance are the environmental conditions. With the proper education and guidance morons can adapt to life, to master simple profession. In adverse conditions they are due to the increased suggestibility easy bad influence.