Bearing defects

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Posture - usual posture relaxed standing person (Fig. 38). The formation of a bearing is influenced by many factors: the nature of the structure and state of development of bone, ligament-articular and neuromuscular apparatus, peculiarities of working conditions and life, violations of activity and structure of the body after a certain diseases, especially moved in early detstve All of these factors can be both direct causes and predisposing moments of development of those or other abnormalities in the structure of the organism and the nature of physical activity. Correct posture provides optimal conditions for the function of all organs and systems of the organism as a whole.
The greatest role in shaping posture play the spine and pelvis. Also, have a value of height, weight, a separate body size, the degree of development of muscles, subcutaneous fat, and other
Normally formed the spine has four physiological curvature in the sagittal plane. Two of them convex forward - cervical and lumbar lordosis, two - bulge back and chest and sacrococcygeal kyphosis. Physiological curvature of the spine are formed in the process of growth and development of the child. They help to maintain a balance, soften bumps and shocks during movement. In the process of development of age physiological bends may change depending on the angle of tilt of the pelvis and traction of muscles surrounding the spine. This allows you to influence the formation of bends specially selected physical exercises.
Correct posture is a symmetrical arrangement of the parts of the body relative to the spine; the head is kept straight, chin slightly raised, arms deployed, forearm are located on one level, the angles formed by lateral surface of the neck and nadlezan, symmetric, belly tucked up, legs bent at the knee and hip joints; chest has no zapodeni or protrusions and symmetric with respect to the middle line; the blade pressed to the body, their angles are situated on the same horizontal line; the triangles waist symmetric.
Various deviations from those described correct posture, call it fraud or defects are not a disease. Environmental conditions (duration and value of the load, the position of the body during training sessions, work) and the functional state of the muscles have certain influence on the shape of the spine. May change its normal curves (increase or decrease), position of the upper belt and the belt of the lower extremities, a tendency to appear in an asymmetric position of the body. Such position of the body gradually take on the character of a stereotype, and a wrong usual installation can be fixed. In the formation of posture play an important role incorrect physical education and the associated lack of physical development of the child, poor conditions of hygiene education (, tight clothing, soft bed, and others), and also transferred in early childhood diseases (rickets, tuberculosis, infectious diseases). Posture can change under the influence of unfavorable working postures (round the back of the Metalworkers, turners), or such kinds of sports, such as Cycling, Boxing and others, and also in the process of some diseases: radiculitis, stomach ulcer and other
Incorrect posture can be in sagittal and frontal planes. In the sagittal plane distinguish bearing defects associated with increased physiological curvatures of the spine (round back, krugovorota back) and their reduction (flat spin, spin-concave).

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