Deworming is a complex of measures aimed at the treatment of helminthic and protection from pollution of the external environment eggs and larvae of worms.
Deworming should be planned, mass, to cover the first contingents of people, among which the helminthiasis is most common. For mass deworming necessary effective non-toxic antihelminthic drugs, convenient to use, for example piperazine, fenasal, dihlosal, haksil (hexachlorparaxylol). In order deworming was quite effective, after the appointment of the drug to be disposal of faeces, containing worms and their eggs or larvae. In the treatment of a number of helminthiasis allocation of infectious origin may occur for several days (up to 10-15). In this regard, in rural areas, where there is no sanitation, to require patients to comply within this period, a number of hygienic practice and especially disposal of faeces bleach. Health workers carry out daily monitoring of compliance with preventive measures and effectiveness, deworming.
The complete destruction of pathogens helminthiases in separate geographical or economic areas called devastating.