The action of atmospheric electricity

The action of atmospheric electricity is a giant electric discharge in the atmosphere. The voltage reaches a million volts, current - hundreds of thousands of amperes. Damaging factors of lightning is an electric current, light and sound energy and shock waves. Duration of exposure lightning may be very small, limited to fractions of a second, but only a large quantity of energy in the moment of its action causes various bodily injury and even death. The effect of a lightning in principle not different from action of electric current, high voltage.
The skin with the defeat of lightning occur damage, mainly in the form of burns, falling hair, and drawbinarytree figures red or pink - so-called pieces of lightning. The emergence of "figures of the lightning" by sharp expansion of surface vessels of the skin and small hemorrhages in their turn. The surviving such changes can occur within a few days, and on the corpse they fade and quickly disappear. For actions lightning symmetry characteristic lesion - a paralysis of both legs, paraplegia with profound long-term loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, oppression heart activity.
Occasionally there are skin lesions as small holes with burnt edges (they can be mistaken for input bullet hole), and in some cases serious damage until extensive burns of the skin, bone fractures, separation of limbs and ruptures to internal organs. There are cases of complete absence of the body visible traces the steps of lightning.
Pathomorphological picture of the internal organs at death from the action of atmospheric electricity is similar to the pattern observed in the defeat of technical electricity.
With the defeat of lightning clothes would be torn in different directions, or have small holes. Edge of defects can be burnt or remain completely unchanged. Characteristic holes in the soles of shoes and charring of the skin around the metal nails on it. Metal objects often melted completely, or melt, causing impregnation skin metal that has expert diagnostic value.
In the absence of signs of electric shock from lightning to solve the question about the cause of death is very difficult. Of great importance the participation of the judge in the examination of the place of detection of a corpse, as is often at the scene traces the steps of lightning, for example in the form of splitting trees, fire, etc. caused by lightning may be direct or occur through any objects, for example through radio or telephone. There are known cases of electric shock from lightning while talking on the telephone during a lightning storm, when working with radios. Lightning stroke is not always ends in death. It can cause health disorder or not to leave any consequences.

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