The high temperature

Thermal damage, particularly burns, a frequently encountered in everyday life and production, and are accompanied by rather high fatality. The frequency of burns in relation to the number of injuries in the home and at work in peace time is from 5 to 12%. About one third of burnt children, a significant share also on older persons and older.
The emergence of pathological reactions by thermal injury is associated with hypoxic, hemodynamic and metabolic disorders. Specific feature of burn injuries unlike other types of external influences is that suffers primarily only the skin, but they are secondary pathology occurs practically in all internal organs. The only exception is a primary lesion in the form of burns of respiratory tract.
Health disorder, and death from the effects of the thermal factor may be the result of a General overheating of the body or local impacts.

  • Overheating
  • Local action (thermal burns)
  • Checklist
    1. What are the General and local manifestations of the effects of high temperatures on the human body.
    2. How can you determine the area of burn the surface of the body?
    3. How to install the severity of injury from exposure to high temperature?
    4. What are the causes of death at high temperature?
    5. How to install when the human body is exposed to high temperatures (flame) before or after the time of death?