Delphinium Ajax

delphinium AjaxLarkspur Ajax - Delphinium Ajacis L.
Family Ranunculaceae - Ranunculaceae Juss.
Its name delfinium received for the similarity of buds with the Dolphin.
Annual grassy plant in height of 50-70 see the taproot. The stem is green, rounded. The leaves are alternate, with long stems, cut. The flowers are wrong, the top two larger petal with branches are bent spur formed by the sepals. Flowers are collected in the brush 15-20 cm long. Leaflets of perianth blue or pink, the nectaries yellowish. Fruit - leaflet, seeds are small. Blossoms in late may - early June. Bears fruit in July. The vegetation period is short. Grows well on moderately humid areas. It is distributed in the temperate zone of the Northern hemisphere.