Delphinium field

Delphinium field - Delphinium consolida L.
Family Ranunculaceae - Ranunculaceae Juss.
delphinium field
Annual plant, the stem is branchy, height 15-45 cm, carries several floral brushes. The leaves are triply and more dissected by narrow, linear, pointed lobes, flowers wrong with sportam, usually blue, sometimes pink or white. Seeds are obovate, black and grey, length of 2-2,5 mm
At cultivation requires high agrotechnics, land on lit areas.
The seeds found alkaloids - gelsolin, in the grass - calotropis in the flowers - glycoalkaloid deliverin. Poisoning Larkspur remind Aconite poisoning. Calotropis has an effect on the heart, causes deceleration of cardiac activity and a drop in blood pressure. Apply inside carefully, as it is a poisonous plant.
It is distributed throughout European part of the USSR (except the North), the Caucasus, Western Siberia, Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan).