Dental unit

Dental unit is universal - the number of devices that ensure the work of the dentist admission of the patient. Various types of universal treatment units always have drills (see), the illuminator, the compressor for air, saliva ejector, heating block water and air, block devices, instrument table, spittoon, connected to the Sewerage system. Some installations of foreign firms is equipped with x-ray units.
Along with the regular drills in modern universal treatment stations are turbine drills. Cooling of the tooth and boron, heated during the processing of the tooth is made by a stream of air or water mixed with air.
The illuminator is usually before the patient to the mouth was covered evenly. To remove saliva apply the automatic saliva ejector.
In universal treatment stations are the so-called pistols for water and air. To the air gun is connected spray irrigation mucous membranes of the oral cavity. There is a special device for heating of water and air. Block devices can be a tip for electric diagnostics (see), the apparatus for electrocoagulation (see) Table for instruments mounted on the bracket and you can move in the right direction.
Cm. also Dental chair.