Tooth cyst

tooth cystDental cyst - tumour-like education, developing in the jaw bones in connection with inflammatory diseases of the teeth or vices of their development. Tooth cyst is a hollow education, consisting of a dense shell, which contains serous fluid saturated with cholesterol. Tooth cyst divided into radicular (dental) and follicular (okolorotova). Radicular tooth cyst develops from granuloma (see Granuloma tooth) under the influence of the chronic inflammatory process. Follicular tooth cyst is formed by malformation dental follicle (taboobrother epithelium), possibly as a result of the chronic inflammatory process in the root tips of milk teeth; clinically it is characterized by the absence of a tooth.
Tooth cyst usually develops slowly and painlessly. Having reached a significant size (3-4 cm in diameter and more), cyst is shown by swelling of the jaw and facial asymmetry; accordingly destroyed bone that, estancias becomes pliable when palpation is so-called a symptom of parchment crunch.
For the diagnosis of primary importance is the x-ray examination, allowing to determine the presence of cysts, its dimensions. On the x-ray and dental cyst differ in that cavity radicular cysts associated with the root of the tooth and oral follicular cysts detected impacted tooth.
Treatment. Radicular cyst small size it is sometimes possible to remove together with the tooth; if this happens gap cysts from root, it should be removed acute surgical spoon through the hole of the tooth. Surgery about cysts of the jaws of considerable size are either in the complete removal of shell cysts and its contents (cystectomy)or excision only the cyst wall for the formation of a broad message of the cavity with the oral cavity (cystotomy). In the latter case, the cyst filled with a swab soaked iodoform mixture. Subsequently, the cyst is reduced by oppozicii (layering) of bone tissue. The cyst is small sizes (up to 2 cm) manages to heal by filling cavities cysts through the channel of the tooth cement.
Care for the operated patients is hygienic maintenance of the oral cavity, and if cystotomy - periodic (in a week) changing tampons.
Prevention is the timely treatment of diseases of the teeth.