Dentistry is the area of clinical medicine studying diseases of the teeth, mouth cavity organs, jaws and border areas of the face and neck. Dentistry is divided into therapeutic, surgical, orthopaedic and dental care for children. Therapeutic dentistry deals with the study and treatment of teeth surrounding the tooth tissues and mucous membranes of the oral cavity. Surgical dentistry is the study and treatment of inflammatory and neoplastic processes, injuries, congenital and acquired defects of the jaws and maxillofacial region. Orthopedic dentistry deals with pathology of the masticatory apparatus and prosthetics. Stomatology of children's age includes therapeutic, surgical and prosthetic dental care for child population.

Dentistry as a science began to take shape in our country only in the years of Soviet power. She joined the clinic for diseases of the teeth and mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue, diseases of the jaws and adjacent to areas of the face and neck.
Based dentistry, as well as all sections of medicine, are anatomical and physiological status. So naturally, that for successful learning and development needs specialized study of topographic anatomy. Revealed the need to pay attention to a number of anatomical details that General practitioners were not interested, and for dental surgeon or orthopaedist - was extremely important.
With the development of dentistry was enhanced and sophisticated technique of surgery on the organs of the mouth. In recent years the practice has included many new and original operations in the maxillofacial region. The wealth accumulated material is made reasonable self-description of operations dental profile.
That said, we found it necessary to publish an independent guide topographic anatomy and operative surgery for students of stomatological faculties of medical universities. Our guide not opposed published in recent years a full tutorial on topographic anatomy and operative surgery A. N. Maksimenkova, G. E. Ostroverkhova, A. N. Lubimogo and Y. M. of Bomasa, works on topographic anatomy A. N. Lubimogo, B. C. Ogneva, C. H. Frauchi, such as Serebrova, centuries Kovanova, etc. It is composed according to the program of the Central methodical study for higher medical education. I wish it was useful for the novice and a dentist.