Desoksiribonukleaza is an enzyme derived from the pancreas of cattle. Desoksiribonukleaza reduces the activity of adenoviruses, viruses, and reduces the viscosity of sputum.
Use desoksiribonukleaza with herpes and adenovirus keratitis and keratouveitis, entering under the conjunctiva 1 per day 0.5 ml of 0.2 % solution 3-4 times a day digging into the eyes of 2-3 drops of 0.2% solution in the next 2-4 weeks; with adenovirus the catarrh of the respiratory tract, lung abscess, bronhoektatical disease to reduce the viscosity and improving evacuation of pus, sputum and the desoksiribonukleaza administered as an aerosol - 3 if within 15 minutes; inhalations repeated three times a day during the week. Released in sealed bottles on 5, 10, 25 and 50 mg drug. Store in dry dark place at temperature not above 20 deg. Before dissolving in a sterile isotonic solution of sodium chloride. Cm. also Enzymatic preparations.