Shaving as a method of hair removal

The most simple and common method of hair removal is shaving.
Shaving is the most painless and affordable method of hair removal.
Shaving legs, shaving bikini area, underarms is an everyday ritual of most women.
But by using this method of hair removal, you must understand that you delete only the part of the hair above the skin, so the hair continues to grow and the procedure must be repeated several times a week, depending on the density and speed of hair growth. As a significant drawback of this method of hair removal is that after frequent shaving the hair becomes tougher, which subsequently makes more difficult the removal of hair by this or any other method of hair removal.
Problems that may occur after shave is skin irritation (red spots, pimples), which is accompanied by unpleasant sensation and itching. Often anger arises in the bikini area.
Ingrown hair is also a serious problem that can cause shave.
Irritation and ingrown hairs after shaving easier to prevent, than to fight it. So if you use a razor, remember one simple rule: razor must be clean and sharp! So, change it more often and clean the better!
For best shave should:

  • Good razor. It is better to choose razor, triple or more blade and special moisturizing stripes. They are less damage your skin and more convenient when shaving "hard-to-reach places. The choice is purely individual. Try different options, depending on your sensations, skin type, stiffness and thickness of hair.
  • Then we proceed to the case: first, you need to steam the skin with hot water and soap to remove greasy deposits and to soften the hairs.
  • Better before shaving to make a superficial peeling with the help of soft goods and chattels for the body. This removes dead skin layers that allow the shaver more tightly against the skin and easier to cut the hairs.
  • During the procedure, and after shaving not apply alcohol handrubs. It is also recommended not to use soap. It dries the skin and can cause irritation. Try a soft cream-shower gels that contain moisturizing ingredients and vitamins a and E. If the skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation, you can use a moisturizing cream or lotion.
  • To shave off the hair need in the direction of hair growth, and never shave dry skin!
  • Special attention give the skin Shin - here the least of the sebaceous glands.
  • After shaving not use a sponge, it hurt just shaved skin.
  • After hair removal necessarily apply to the skin after shaving or soothing cream.

If irritation after shaving still appeared?
In such cases you should use microbicides, which include cortisone. Such tools are suitable for relieving irritation after shaving the bikini area, armpits, legs, and so on, for Example, 1% hydrocortisone ointment, it relieve the itching and redness. Lubricate the skin area where irritation after shaving, a thin layer, slightly vtiraya. To accept such an ointment can no more than twice a day. Ointment is not intended for everyday use! In the extreme case, with an interval of 3-4 days.

Bikini zone
Bikini zone requires more delicate, because it is the most sensitive.

Shaving bikini area.
And to avoid the pain many women prefer shaving as a method of hair removal. Shaving should be done very carefully so as not to cut skin to avoid irritation and ingrown hair in the bikini area.
For comfortable shave bikini area should:

  • Comfortable good razor. Many prefer special trimmers for bikini design. In this case, using a special extension you can easily remove the hair along the path bikini line and create your unique bikini design. To remove the hair trimmer easier after a shower or bath. The skin must be absolutely dry. Always move the device against the direction of hair growth.

But if trimmer not, then you need to choose a quality razor. You cannot use shaving bikini area disposable machines, just not suitable machines for shaving their legs, as they are due to special strips closes the full review.

  • Shaving the hair better after a shower or bathtub, make them softer.
  • During the procedure you should use soft cream-gel, shaving and tools for intimate hygiene products that do not contain alcohol, menthol, soap.
  • In order to avoid irritating the bikini area is necessary to shave the hair in the direction of hair growth.
  • Shaving intimate zone, you must select a comfortable position to pubis was flat. Free hand pull the skin to lift the hairs. If you prefer, you can squat, put under the bottom of the mirror and to remove hair.

Intimate haircut and bikini design at home.
To make a beautiful intimate haircut at home, you should:

  • choose picture
  • take a bath or shower
  • to straighten trimmer (if any), all one length hair
  • cosmetic pencil to put picture
  • to shave off the hair on a drawing contour, preferably in the direction of hair growth
  • to wash away the traces of a pencil and tools
  • apply a mild moisturizer

And if you want to add intimate haircut bright colors, you can change hair color.
For bikini design at home in no case does not fit conventional paint! You can use the dye for eyebrows and eyelashes. The skin around your drawing should be lubricated with a fat cream. Under the hairs put a comb to avoid contact paint from skin irritation in the bikini area.
A procedure should be performed very carefully! It is better to trust a specialist.

After hair removal. Ingrown hair
Ingrown hair is a very unpleasant problem, which may appear after shaving and hair removal. Most often the problem ingrown hair appears after hair removal at home.
Ingrown hairs appear, because when hair removal hair was not removed completely, and the skin after depilation Zagrebel, growing hair can't get out and continues to grow under the skin.