Dermatitis traumatic or mechanical

Dermatitis traumatic or mechanical caused by pressure, impact, friction, tension, etc. They can occur in the home, at work, and also as a complication at wrong application of dressings. The nature of this form of dermatitis depends on the individual properties of the skin and the presence of secondary infection. To traumatic dermatitis include rash (see) and scrubbed.
A defect characterized by redness, swelling, occurrence of bubbles in the area which is subjected to friction and pressure (soles, heels, toes). If secondary infection can cause ulcers.
Treatment: in the initial stage lubrication 5% aqueous solution of tannin or 1-2% alcohol solution of aniline dyes, when the sharp pain dressings with zinc ointment. Bubbles open after cleaning the skin with gasoline or alcohol. The resulting erosion should be lubricated alcoholic solution of aniline dye and apply a sterile bandage. To improve epithelization erosion - armband with zinc or 10% dermatology ointment. Prevention: combating sweating of the feet and correct selection of shoes.